Record 39
 Name: J...
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: idaho
 Time: 1999-02-24 00:19:14
 Comments: I think you should put something on Mitsubishi Galants 
and 73' Dodge Darts!!!!! Other than that, its a very good page. 
E-mail me if you think of any

 Record 38
 Name: Nicole
 Referred by: Tripod
 From: Texas
 Time: 1999-02-22 15:40:58
 Comments: We had to rate homepages for an assignment. 
I loved your site, however I drive a ford Bronco II and I would 
like to see it included, I wish it was a

 Record 37
 Name: Corey Randolph
 Website: Corey's Home Page
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Hutchinson Kansas
 Time: 1999-02-21 03:41:11
 Comments: I really liked your page, i understand that crap 
about the cars. That one about the Lincoln Towncar really 
related to my grandparents, ha haha. Keep
 up the work!! 

Record 36
 Name: Jeff Smith
 Website: n/a
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: New Brunswick, Canada
 Time: 1999-02-19 14:02:29
 Comments: Private Message (click to view) 

 Record 35
 Name: hollie
 Website: NA
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Fort Worth, Texas
 Time: 1999-02-17 21:33:06
 Comments: I liked your website. I drive a Honda Accord, 
but I am far from unoriginal, I just hate visiting mechanics. 
Add more cars to the list. How about...I drive
 a Chevrolet Z71 Blazer because I am a dork ass frat daddy? 

 Record 34
 Name: Debra Mobley-Burns
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Burbank
 Time: 1999-02-16 22:15:05
 Comments: Hey Tom! Nice website....I was 
looking at some Burbank links, saw your website listed, 
and thought I'd check it out! Very cool! Debi Mobley
 Burroughs Class of 77! 

 Record 33
 Name: pipo maypo
 Website: RADIOMAN
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: the bronx
 Time: 1999-02-14 18:29:00
 Comments: you will not like my doc. 

 Record 32
 Name: bws12
 Referred by: Lycos
 From: Cal State University Fresno
 Time: 1999-02-08 18:15:09
 Comments: Just a look into the paranormal. 

 Record 31
 Name: Chad gullett
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Franklin Furnace Ohio
 Time: 1999-02-07 21:38:01
 Comments: I have a 90' mustang it says a lot about me I spend to 
much money on it! 

 Record 30
 Name: Peter Logan
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Luxembourg EU
 Time: 1999-01-28 07:23:55
 Comments: WebFerret found you from Alta Vista using the 
search terms 'collins' and 'rage'. Don't ask me why, I was 
trying to get more info on an incident in
 Northern Ireland today 11 Jan 1999. But this page is a 
definite service to humanity :-) Keep up the good work, 
All the best. Pete 

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