Record 89
 Name: Matt
 Website: My Homepage (Not finished yet - Try it soon)
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: The racetrack
 Time: 2000-01-03 07:11:19
 Comments: Hey, I have a couple more to add... Dodge Viper: Who cares if it won't make turns? Ford Probe (Well, the early ones at least): My other car's a
 REAL Lotus Esprit! McLaren F1: Anyone for a race?! OK, not everyone will get those jokes, but I have evidence to back all three up if you want to see! Happy
 driving Matt :o) 

 Record 88
 Name: Brad Rogers
 Website: Brad & Nenette's Place
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Originally-Burbank,your next door neighbor
 Time: 1999-12-29 06:52:11
 Comments: Hey Tom, How have you been? I was just reminiscing with my wife when I was a kid how all of us on the block use to go over to your house and you
 would play "The Sting" on the piano. Do you still play? Oh what memories. E-mail me sometime. Brad Rogers 

 Record 87
 Name: Lori
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 Time: 1999-12-23 23:50:16
 Comments: Private Message (click to view) 

Record 86
 Name: Guy Gray
 Referred by: Net Search
 From: Vancouver, Wa.
 Time: 1999-11-13 02:22:50
 Comments: I am collecting car movies and this is a movie that i need. would really hope with a new "Gone in 60 Seconds" coming out that the first one would be
 released again. 

 Record 85
 Name: Bill Pond
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Connecticut
 Time: 1999-11-11 14:45:47
 Comments: This is great to find a tribute to one of the most fascinating car chase movies ever made. I first saw the movie back in the early 1980's when it was first
 released on video. I think my father rented it from a local video store because the cover featured a 1973 Mustang and he had owned a silver 1973 Mach1
 Mustang. I remember being absolutely amazed at the number of nice musclecars wrecked; mainly the Dodge Challenger in the shreader near the middle of the
 movie and the blue Plymouth Satellite and green Dodge Charger during the chase sequence (I own a car similar to the Satellite now). Back then those cars were a
 dime a dozen; today they'd be worth quite a bit. I got the impression from watching the movie that H. B. Halicki did not think too highly of Chrysler or Ford
 products. I later learned through a review of the movie in a car magazine that he choose "Eleanor" to be a Mustang because of its strong engine and he felt that it
 could stand up to the abuse. It did pretty well, although no car could sideswipe a lightpole and still run without repair work (in Eleanor's case, two hours worth).
 Today I have two copies of the movie - one I bought new, and one I dubbed from the video store tape. Great website! 

 Record 84
 Name: Bill Schulte
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Northern Ky.
 Time: 1999-11-02 02:05:58
 Comments: I'm glad to find some information about one of my 
favorite movies. The only movie that even comes close to the 
excitement of this movie is Bullitt, with
 Steve McQueen. and I enjoyed that one very much. If you ever 
get any information on where I could pick up this video, used or 
new, please let me know. Till then,
 keep up the good work and thank you for your time. Bill 

 Record 83
 Name: Dave Burchill
 Website: Dave's Place
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (For you americans, 
that's above montana)
 Time: 1999-10-19 11:48:43
 Comments: Hey Man, Where did yo uget the idea about 
the pizza thing for the Hyundaia Accent? I own one and used to 
deliver pizza. Mines competition style

 Record 82
 Name: Jennifer Holloway
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Connecticut
 Time: 1999-10-12 15:02:39
 Comments: That was very funny. It is also scary because 
it is all true. It gives you something to think about when you 
are looking to buy a new car. 

 Record 81
 Name: phaedrus
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: WI
 Time: 1999-10-09 08:16:31
 Comments: Private Message (click to view) 

 Record 80
 Name: Terri McNeil Hanks
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: CA
 Time: 1999-10-07 04:26:41
 Comments: I worked for Jim McIntyre's family in 1973, and 
helped serve at the Opening/Premiere Party in Gardena. 
I'll never forget serving food out of foil lined
 hubcabs. Also the bar was a wrecked police car. 

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