Record 59
 Name: Ross
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Münster, Germany
 Time: 1999-06-15 13:59:54
 Comments: Unbelievable! I'm a fan of Gone In 60 Seconds since 
I was about 12. In Germany the movie was titled "Die Blechpiraten", 
what means "The Steel Pirates". I think I cannot describe in words 
what this movie expresses for me, so I won't try. The last time it 
could be seen on German TV is about 10 years ago, and I do not have 
any video copy of it. Do you know that in the early 80s a Halicki 
movie was released (in Germany it was titled "Fireball Tornado") 
which contained a number of sequences from the original Gone In 60 
Seconds and partly new sequences with country singer Hoyt Axton as 
antagonist? The plot of this movie seems to be even worse than that 
of the original. By the way, if anyone knows if the original 
soundtrack of Gone In 60 Seconds was ever released, please
 mail to Kachaturian's songs are 
fantastic. I hope to hear from anyone of you! Ross 

 Record 58
 Name: wynkat
 Referred by: Tripod
 From: MA, United States
 Time: 1999-06-09 20:22:36
 Comments: Great list of the Worst Books ever! I'd agree.... 

 Record 57
 Name: Brett Horton
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Louisisana
 Time: 1999-06-06 00:17:44
 Comments: What do you think of Jeep Wranglers? 

ecord 56
 Name: Ken Cupp
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Lexington N.C.
 Time: 1999-06-02 00:27:29
 Comments: Yes I have a mid-life crisis (vette time) 

 Record 55
 Name: Michelle
 Website: Where do fallen angels go?
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: PA
 Time: 1999-05-27 17:37:53
 Comments: I drive a Chevy Camaro. :-) 

 Record 54
 Name: Declan the Bentley Boy
 Website: Mad Ravings of an Unstable Genius
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: New York
 Time: 1999-05-25 16:57:56
 Comments: So...nice site...just one question...what 
exactly does a Bentley Continental SC say about its driver...? 

 Record 53
 Name: Cody Erickson
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Canada
 Time: 1999-05-14 01:15:17
 Comments: Great page... I am a 16 year old male, and 
the car that I bought is an 88 Camaro... and yeah I love to 
beat people up!! :o) j/k 

 Record 52
 Name: Martin Luker
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: England
 Time: 1999-05-12 19:59:44
 Comments: I saw this film in britain when I was about 15 
and have been trying to convince my friends that there was a 
film with a 40 minute car chase in it.Thanks
 to your site I have finally proved that I was right 
and my friends have stopped throwing stuff at me now,so 
Cheers for the help.With a bit of luck when the remake
 comes out they will re-release the original,anyway thanks a lot. 

 Record 51
 Name: Phil Kachaturian
 Website: Dynasty Studio
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Los Angeles
 Time: 1999-05-12 00:41:29
 Comments: I did all the music in the Original movie Seeya 

 Record 50
 Name: Jonno
 Website: Jonno's Place
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Canada
 Time: 1999-05-07 02:50:40
 Comments: sweet site man! i love your site, it makes me 
laugh every time i visit it, which is a lot. 

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