Record 100
 Name: john watkins
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: b more md
 Time: 2000-05-02 19:03:54
 Comments: 1964 belair 2 dr cruz in class 

 Record 99
 Name: Tom Cotrel
 Website: Thomas P. Cotrel, Attorney at Law
 Referred by: htmlGEAR
 From: Burbank
 Time: 2000-04-10 07:05:13
 Comments: I am transferring data from old guestbook to this one. These entries are from August 1997 to June 1998 

 #DateNameEmail Address Comments

 1Sat Aug 9 1997 12:58Mark and Marsha Underwood Cool! Happy Birthday Melody! We are looking forward to school
 starting too. If I could decide where the children were going to go, I would feel more ready. Hope you are staying out of the heat.

 2Sun Aug 10 1997 10:55Gage Nelson I would love to see pictures of all your family. Mostly your cool brother-in-law Gage.


 3Mon Aug 18 1997 09:11Carlos Quilez hey! do you count surrogate relatives like me and jessica? all my love. cq 

 4Sat Sep 27 1997 15:21The Coop What a way to spend one's Saturday afternoon...on the Cotrel home page and associated sources....
 You guys are nuts, but ofcourse my kind of nuts..

 Michael, Diana, Emily & Priscilla (the gorilla) 

 5Wed Oct 15 1997 18:42Melody I love the Anniversary page! It's the best CARD I've ever received! THANX! Love from Me. 

 6Sun Nov 23 1997 19:13Melody Nelson I really enjoy your Thanksgiving theme. There is a page somewhere called "Zia" (lost when all those
 bookmarks were lost) that has a lot of great holiday stuff. 

 7Sun Dec 28 1997 15:10Linda and Ernie Negrete Great page!

 8Wed Apr 15 1998 08:06Carlos Quilez howdy jackman, uncle carlos and aunt jess sending their love. see ya buddy. cq & jess 

 9Fri Apr 24 1998 12:09Tricia Hugenschmidt 

 10Tue Jun 16 1998 00:55 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP:
 I'm too cool to drive a vette 

 Record 98
 Name: Mitsubishi Eclipse
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Oostburg, WI
 Time: 2000-04-02 03:21:36
 Comments: I"m sexy. 

 Record 97
 Name: Trisha Muse
 Referred by: Tripod
 From: Los Angeles
 Time: 2000-03-29 16:51:38
 Comments: Private Message (click to view) 

Record 96
 Name: jamie
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: NJ
 Time: 2000-03-04 20:27:58
 Comments: Hi just stopped by. Why don't you have a saying for BMW? Also what class would you place this site as. I'm tring to submit it to my site but, I need a
 catagory to add it to. 

 Record 95
 Name: j
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: pa
 Time: 2000-02-23 03:27:43

 Record 94
 Name: Rodger Jacobs
 Website: Eye Magazine
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 Time: 2000-02-17 04:48:41
 Comments: Great website, Tom! Take care .... Rodger 

 Record 93
 Name: Linda Negrete
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Tarzana
 Time: 2000-02-16 02:36:57
 Comments: Jack - This is a great page. Good job! By the way, I got the COOLEST thank-you card in the mail today. Thanks! Linda 

 Record 92
 Name: Jason Atwood
 Website: Wide World Of Movies
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 Time: 2000-02-16 01:31:46
 Comments: First off, I enjoyed "Gone In 60...", plus the follow-up "The Junkman" (seen once) with very high admiration for the "budget" level of filmmaking.
 There's no other man than "Toby" who delivered a painful dose of amusement through some of the riskiest challenges he devised for letting a rioted audience stare at
 the screen while holding a giant-size Coke spilling onto their pants! This sounded like maximum thrills at the drive-in way back then, best compared to all these
 million$$$ movies today. I happened to run into this title on a rainy day for the first time since 12 years old, and it was too darn exciting and funny to keep me
 entertained for a while. I have developed a homemade review site on various movies since almost a year, and it appears I have the best review available for this '74
 cult classic. The same goes for "The Junkman". As for this informative site, complete with excellent poster art of the original movie, well done...and I could sure use
 a link from here. 

 Record 91
 Name: -=\\DAYSTAR//=-
 Website: -=\\MADS VISTAPRO SITE//=-
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Hayward, California
 Time: 2000-02-15 18:44:04
 Comments: your site is keep up the GR8 work! now please sign my guestbook =_)

 Record 90
 Name: Melody Cotrel
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Burbank, CA
 Time: 2000-01-28 03:12:49
 Comments: Hi Jack! I love your web-page! The graphics are cool, 
and it's layed out well. Mom ^..^ 

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