Record 79
 Name: Dick
 Website: NA
 Referred by: Tripod
 From: SF, CA
 Time: 1999-09-28 22:59:38
 Comments: Please plug my new site,, on your hilarious site...peace....Dicky 

 Record 78
 Name: Maureen Coddington
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 Time: 1999-09-07 14:48:16
 Comments: Hi Everyone.......... As Toby's girlfriend from 1976 to 1989, I have soooooo................ much to say. He was my best friend and confident and much
 more. I am delighted to hear from so many of the old group that we filmed with as well as many of his friends that he knew for so many years; thanks in part to this
 website of Tom's. With 13 years of history, I can't even begin to say all of the things that come to mind. So, let me begin with the logical place......................the
 beginning. It was July 13, 1976, and I was driving up the San Diego Freeway in the early afternoon. I felt someone looking at me, and I turned my head to the right.
 I saw a very nice looking man gaping at me, and I quickly looked away. A few seconds later, I looked again, and he was still there. I remember that he had the
 most piercing eyes that just seemed to look right at me like no one else ever had. He was driving a new two tone silver and grey Rolls Royce, and my first thought
 was that he was probably a rock star and into the drug scene, and even if we did meet, we would have nothing in common. So, I looked away in an attempt to
 discourage him. I had already dated enough cute guys that were into the LA drug scene, and I wasn't looking for another loser. Nevertheless, this cat and mouse
 game proceeded for several miles northbound on the 405. Suddenly, he disappeared from view, and I figured that was the end of this guy in the rock star Roll
 Royce. Unbenownst to me, the reason that he had dropped behind was to get my license plate number. A few miles later, he exited on Washington Blvd., somethng
 that we remienisced about many times over the years as we drove by the exit. But not before I waved at him. Why did I wave at him? Don't know, I found him
 enchanting. It was one of those once is a lifetime, once in a moment type of situations. You just do something that you ordinarely wouldn't do and at someone that
 you normally would not even wave at. But then, the 70's were a different time. Every was OK. I remember when he signaled and I knew that he was exiting the
 Freeway, I thought. "It's too bad that you can't meet cute guys that you see on the freeway". I envisioned a sign that you could put up so that these moments of
 opportunities would not pass by. How many times have you passed someone on the Freeway and you thing to yourself, "I wish that I could have the opportunity to
 meet this or that person". The very next morning, at 8:00 AM, my phone rang. A very sexy voice says, "Do you always wave at strange men on the Freeway?"
 Very flusterered, I asked him who he was, and he explained to me that he saw me on the freeway and wanted to meet with me as soon as possible. Somewhat
 reluctantly, I agreed to meet him at a neutral place for lunch. I had no idea who this stranger was, and I would only meet him in a public place. For three hours, he
 talked non-stop. about himself. So, that is just the beginning of our thirteen year courtship and friendship. I wore a tie-died outfit from Georgie's in Beverly Hills, and
 he wore a three piece very 70"s outift. So that's it for now. -Maureen This is copyrighted information and cannot be reproducted without the written permission of
 the auther. 

 Record 77
 Name: Ivan Munguia
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Los Angeles
 Time: 1999-09-03 08:28:43
 Comments: "Gone" was one of the first movies I ever saw in a theater, I must've been 5 yrs. old when I saw it. It's one of the best car crash movies ever made!! I
 have this and the Junkman on video (In fact I made copies for myself as backup since these movies don't exist anywhere). As for you guys who are looking for
 these movies try your luck at mom & pop video stores since lame-o's like blockbuster wouldn't know this movie from a hole in the ground. Now that they're
 remaking Gone maybe they'll release the original as well. Halicki is the immortal car-crash genius! Others wish they could do half the stuff he did! You'll be hearing
 from me again. 

Record 76
 Name: Ron Light
 Website: I Always Knew My Family Was Different
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: LA/San Francisco
 Time: 1999-08-25 07:09:43
 Comments: I was a child when I first met Toby. As a teenager, he had hung around my dad's tire store in Gardena, California. My father was impressed with
 Toby's odd, conservative ways: milk with dinner, in bed by nine, altogether a reputation as a real dull date. Yet Toby himself was incredibly flamboyant, if not his
 lifestyle. Toby once showed my dad, who happened to have a penchant for expensive Florsheim shoes, his own closet harboring some thirty-plus pairs of flashy,
 discount-priced Thom McAnn footwear. Toby's stock-and-trade was as a body-and-fender man. Once, as a teenager, I wrecked the front of my car and my dad
 sent me to Toby for repairs. As his men messaged the kinks out of my car’s grille, Toby supervised another team which was literally grafting the front half of one
 Mustang onto the rear half of another of an older model. At the end of the day, the car emerged as one seamless shape of the same vintage. That's how Toby made
 his millions: buying wrecked luxury cars and breathing new life into otherwise discarded, unclaimable heaps. It worked, and the basis for "Gone in Sixty Seconds"
 was established. My father attended the movie premiere and reported it was quite a shindig. It was a big bash pseudo-Hollywood affair, and they served hors
 d’oeuvres out of hubcaps. I worked for Toby for a short while on his second movie, "The Junkman." His "studio" was a large, rustic compound populated by a
 nonpareil tin toy collection, much Victorian decor, a huge vintage car collection and Toby's equally immense ego. Toby's office was a gargantuan garage displaying
 toy cars, real cars and all sorts of antique bric-a-brac. If you saw "Gone in Sixty Seconds" you'll recall the many pairs of aviator-style sunglasses scattered about
 Eleanor's dashboard. In real life, it was his Rolls Royce which received the Toby treatment. In my mind, perhaps two items vie for the most striking feature of
 Toby's office: One was the way Toby could drive into the garage/office and park the Rolls within spitting distance of his desk. The other was the desk itself: facing
 two overstuffed chairs with a chintzy Victorian lace lamp in between, it stood high on a pedestal so that guests had to stare upward toward their host at about a 30
 degree angle. Definite throne aspirations. Quirky you might say, but so was his assistant's weekly duty of having to mix equal parts "plain" and "peanut" M&M's into
 a single mixture in a large bowl for Toby's pleasure. Anyway, I once made Toby wait for me at a breakfast meeting while I finished my meal. Toby waited for no
 man. His assistant promptly reported the parting of Toby's and my ways. Sometime later, I invited Toby to my wedding. He responded warmly and kindly but
 declining the invitation. He sent me an autographed "Gone in Sixty Seconds" one-sheet poster and an 8 by 10 glossy photo head shot. Ah, Hollywood . . . Fare
 thee well, Toby. -Ron Light 

 Record 75
 Name: Geno Larese
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Hobe Sound< Fl.
 Time: 1999-08-17 03:03:08
 Comments: I do own the video of this great movie which I 
first viewed as a teen at a good old America drive in. 
If you would like info on the video, please contact
 me. I also have the video of Vanishing Point along with 
the LP sound track! 

 Record 74
 Name: Maureen Coddington
 Website: Neptune.Net Internet
 Referred by: Net Search
 From: Newport Beach, CA
 Time: 1999-08-15 07:16:48
 Comments: As the crew at Hawk House and HB Halicki Productions 
knows, I was Toby's girlfriend for many years and worked on Deadline 
Auto Theft and The Junkman. I'd like to take this opportunity to 
say "Hello" to everyone. I still stay in touch with Ronnie and 
Teri, his sister. It's hard to believe that it's been ten years.
 I'd love to hear from anyone from the old crew. I see that 
Richard Muse is living in Las Vegas. How are you, Richard? 

 Record 73
 Name: KP
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: Frisco, TX
 Time: 1999-08-14 04:13:50
 Comments: I received my driver’s license in the summer of ’76. 
Went to my first Drive-in that summer. It was Gone In 60 Seconds 
And “Vanishing Point” Two of the best car flicks every made. 
My first car was a yellow ’66 Mustang, wish I still had it. 
I own a copy of “Gone”, and was fortunate enough to find a copy of 
"The Junk Man” recently. I was happy to find this site, keep it up. 
I just hope the remake isn’t as bad as the “Vanishing Point” remake 
on Fox 2 years ago was! 

 Record 72
 Name: Dave Halicki
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: Indianapolis Indiana (Morristown)
 Time: 1999-08-13 03:50:34
 Comments: Mr. Cotrel, are you a fan of H.B Halicki or possibly 
family? I know my grandfather had a 
sibling the moved to the west coast in the early 1900's?????,
 do you know any geneology of H.B. Halicki? 

 Record 71
 Name: shane brown
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: colorado
 Time: 1999-08-10 21:50:17
 Comments: It is great to see that you have a site about this movie. It will be interesting to see if the remake is anywhere near as good as the original. 

 Record 70
 Name: Lisa
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: California
 Time: 1999-08-03 03:35:04
 Comments: I love your site! I was laughing so hard my sides hurt! I
 saw Gone In 60 Seconds when it came out. My boyfriend and I 
have the video and watch it from time to time. We live in the areas 
it was filmed. It is indeed the BEST car chase movie ever made!!!

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