Record 49
 Name: Adam
 Website: none
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: Canada
 Time: 1999-05-06 01:05:01
 Comments: Hi! Your Page is a hoot and three quarters! I have one you may like to add- Chevrolet Monte Carlo- I teach 7th Grade science and I will not be
 caught dead in a Lumina. Hyundai Sonata- I am so cheap I stick Lexus liscense plates on my car to try and fool people. Ford Aerostar- I don't fear being blown off
 a cliff from a 10mph wind. 

 Record 48
 Name: K M
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: NJ
 Time: 1999-05-01 21:45:23

 Record 47
 Name: Spyder92
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: washington
 Time: 1999-04-30 22:42:17
 Comments: Awesome site I haven't laugh this much in a looonnnnnggggg while. 

ord 46
 Name: kasey egelus
 Referred by: From a Friend
 From: cerritos, california
 Time: 1999-04-17 04:57:54
 Comments: melody made me do go here and do this. 

 Record 45
 Name: kevin
 Website: me and my cars
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: toronto
 Time: 1999-04-01 00:58:24
 Comments: Hi coll and funny page but ford sucks 

 Record 44
 Name: Iritated
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: USA
 Time: 1999-03-24 03:48:15
 Comments: Loved your web page. it is nice to know that i hadn't heard of most of those books! 

 Record 43
 Name: alexx
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 From: rio rancho, new mexico
 Time: 1999-03-16 04:45:57
 Comments: your web site is histerical, i laughed for hours!!! 

 Record 42
 Name: Becky Lewis
 Website: Cosworth Homepage
 Referred by: Tripod
 From: Essex, England
 Time: 1999-03-08 21:41:05
 Comments: Why haven't you included Cosworths in your page? I am deeply upset! Maybe you haven't heard of them in the US or something, but please consider
 us Brits and include Cossies and RS Turbos! 

 Record 41
 Name: Titilala
 Referred by: Yahoo!
 From: germany
 Time: 1999-03-06 01:47:50
 Comments: This is an excellent web page, I will recommend it to all of my "Car" buddies on the road. 

 Record 40
 Name: Tim Parichan
 Referred by: From a Friend
 Time: 1999-03-03 03:30:09
 Comments: Good Job Tom. Did you ever get Frames figured out? You got me going and I had to figure it out. I emailed you how to do it, but I never heard back
 from you. I did a framed edition on my page.