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Gone in 60 Minutes, the Car Chase Classic

Get the DVD and VHS versions of the original Gone in 60 Seconds.
THE JUNKMAN is out on DVD.

Denice Shakarian Halicki, widow of Gone producer
H.B. Halicki, has posted The Official Gone in 60 Seconds page
The new Gone in 60 Seconds movie site

MPAA rating: PG
length: 97 minutes
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Toby Halicki: A Memoir
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A brief overview:

Gone in 60 Seconds was produced and directed by its star and principal stunt driver, H.B. ("Toby") Halicki ("Maindrian Pace")

The first part of the movie has two minor car chases. The final segment features a 40-minute pursuit beginning in Long Beach that goes through seven cities in southern L.A. County culminating in a spectacular jump that takes the film's real star, "Eleanor" (a "last of the Real Mustangs", or a 1973 model), 128 feet through the air and to a fairly plausable escape for its protagonist. This record-setting chase (which took seven months to film, with the production assistance of five cities and seven law enforcement agencies) leaves 93 cars destroyed in its wake.

The plot, such as it is, involves a gang of car thieves that work as insurance investigators/adjusters for their cover. They need to steal forty eight cars for some sort of black-market exporter and have no trouble with any of them save the one code-named "Eleanor". The police are tipped off to the leader of the gang (Halicki) by his partner due to a business dispute. The alarm goes off on Eleanor as she leaves the parking garage. Our hero gets out, disables the alarm, spots the plain-clothes officers staking him out, gets back in the car, laments his failure to read his horoscope that morning, and initiates the pursuit.

The main chase sequence is the primary reason to see this cult classic. The acting and dialogue leading up to it are high-school drama level at best. Critics panned Gone in 60 Seconds when it was finally distributed in 1974 and 1975 (see the July 1974 Los Angeles Times review). But it grossed over $40 million with production costs of $1 million. And despite its continuity flaws (the pursuit in Bullitt had at least as many) and a handful of improbabilities, the chase is actually very exciting, and it does maintain a high level of intensity throughout. And that final stunt is unbelievable.

Sadly, Mr. Halicki was killed August 20, 1989 while filming the (since aborted) sequel, Gone in 60 Seconds II, The Slicer (go here for details of the accident). A telephone pole fell on his car during filming on location in New York. He was 48.

THE VIDEO RE-ISSUE IS NOW AVAILABLE: The widow of H.B. Halicki, Denice Shakarian Halicki, has just released the restored version of the original classic. Her entirely successful efforts can be seen on DVD or VHS.

� 2000 Touchstone Pictures. All rights reserved ON DVD: Nicolas Cage Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock) stars in the remake with Angelina Jolie (Gia, Girl,Interrupted) as his co-star/love interest and a heavilly customized 1967 Shelby GT 500 as Eleanor. The new Gone in 60 Seconds is produced for Disney/Touchstone Studios by Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, Con Air) with Scott Rosenberg (Con Air) as screenwriter and Dominic Sena (Kalifornia) as director. There is, of course, The Jump. The Chase itself exceeds 160 mph. ORDER your copy HERE.
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ELEANOR ALERT! The star of the original classic has her own video, Eleanor2000 with the re-release of Gone. She does power slides and hits 100 mph at Willow Springs International race track. Pictures of both Eleanors at the Petersen Museum can now be seen here. The first one's leading lady has her own official page with never-before-seen archived photos. FOR OUR AUSSIE FANS: Eleanor's cousin from Down Under can be viewed here.

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