Two Point Count California Vehicle Code Violations
Section Violation
2800.2, 2800.3 Evading peace officer/reckless driving
14601, 14601a,14601 b, 14601.1- 14601.4 Driving while suspended/revoked
20001, 20001a 20002, 20002a, 20002b Hit and run/injury/property damage
21651b Driving wrong side/divided highway
22348b Speed over 100 MPH
23103, 23103a, 23103b Reckless driving
23104, 23104a Reckless driving/causing bodily injury
23109a, 23109c Speed contest /exhibition of speed
23140, 23140a, 23140b Minor driving with BAC of 0.05% or more
23152, 23152a-d DUI/alcoholic beverage or drugs
23153, 23153a-d DUI/causing bodily injury or death
31602, 31602a, 31602b, 31602c Explosives transportation

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Other Common California Code Violations Used In Negligent Operator Count
Section Code Violation Points
49307 Education Disobedience to school safety patrol
191.5a, 192c1-192c4, 192.3c, 192.3d Penal Vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence
192c, 192.3, 192.3a, 192.3b Penal Vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence
27176 Streets and highways Speeding on Golden Gate Bridge

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One Point Count Out of State Violations
Section Violation Section Violation
01 Speed/too fast or over speed limit 34 Entering/exiting from thoroughfare
03 Speed/too slow or failure to turn out 40 Illegally modified vehicle
04 Passing/illegal, improper or unsafe 45 Explosives transportation
05 Following too close 51 Equipment/unsafe, illegal or defective
06 Failure to yield right-of-way 58 Driving while impaired
07 Illegal/unsafe use or change of lanes 61 Child passenger seat restraint
08 Tuirns/illegal or unsafe 67 Defective headlights
09 Signaling/improper or no signal 69 Following emergency vehicle unlawfully
10 Failure to obey traffic control device 70 Using vehicle for felony/aiding or abetting
11 Crossing double lines/markers/dividers 72 Erratic driving/suddenly changing speeds
12 Wrong way on one-way street 73 Fleeing scene or evading arrest by turning lights off when lights required
13 Brakes 74 Unsafe operation of a motor vehicle
14 Lights 75 Driving off road/on shoulder/on sidewalk
21 Violation of restricted license 77 No required equipment/using prohibited equipment
26 Negligent/careless/inattentive driving 86 Felony involving commercial vehicle
27 Starting or backing/illegal or unsafe 87 Felony controlled substance/commercial vehicle
28 Driving in a prohibited area 88 Speeding 15 mph plus/commercial vehicle
30 Disobedience of lawful order 91 Illegal lane change/commercial vehicle
31 Towing/improper, unsafe or illegal 92 Following too closely/commercial vehicle
32 Obstructing driver's view or interfering 93 Fatal accident violation/commercial vehicle
33 Unlawful riding on motor vehicle    
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Two Point Count Out of State Violations
Section Violation Section Violation
02 Speed contest/aiding or abetting 38 DUI/dangerous drugs not narcotics
15 Reckless driving 46 Manslaughter without gross negligence
16 Reckless driving/injury 47 Manslaughter with gross negligence
17 Drunk driving 81 DUI/BAC 0.04% aor more/commercial vehicle
18 Drunk driving/injury 82 DUI/commercial vehicle
19 Hit and run 84 DUI/controlled substance/commercial vehicle
20 Driving while suspended or revoked 85 Hit and run/commercial vehicle
37 DUI/narcotics 89-90 Reckless driving/commercial vehicle
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Code of Federal Regulations Violations
36423 or 36FR46
DUI/alcoholic beverage or any drug

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California Department of Motor Vehicles Violation Point Assessment


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