Tom and Melody's Getaway to Turks and Caicos:
October 7 through October 14, 2009

melody in the caribbean for the first time

Melody and I were invited to Kevin and Theresa's October 10 wedding at the Beaches Resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the British West Indies. As our anniversary is October 13 we made the most of the situation. This was the first time to the Caribbean for either of us.

We enjoyed the weather, the food, the beach, the snorkeling, the food, the accommodations, the service, the food, getting to know Kevin and Theresa's friends and families, the food and many other things. Most of all, we enjoyed each other.

Some pictures from around the facilities:

balcony of our first room our first balcony
your move my move
rooftop view the signpost
beaches sign so many hammocks so little time

For our anniversary, the resort upgraded our room

tom new room melody new room

The wedding was quite enjoyable.
Melody saved the day by keeping me out of the reception's karaoke contest

the happy couple cutting the cake
us at the wedding kevin melody tom theresa
wedding cake

On our anniversary, we explored Providenciales ("Provo") Island, where we stayed. We rented a right-hand-drive Japanese domestic market Nissan Sunny for the task and I got to practice driving on the left. No accidents, not that many people honked and Melody is still talking to me

our ride sd means self drive tc means turks and caicos
how about one third of the world drives where right is wrong and left is right

The conch farm was destroyed by the 2008 hurricanes and is just now being rebuilt

conch farm conch farm

Some more scenes from the island

shore melody shore
tom shore graveyard by the road
provo kiwanis youth center tom downtown provo
melody downtown


Our trip north

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