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What Can Be Done With This Picture?

The above-photo, taken in custody, of the man who single-handedly ruined the nicknames of John Wayne, George Deukmejian and Michael Dukakis, seems to be a punchline in search of a joke. Or a photo in search of a caption.

As of January, 2004, news reports have white supremacist and felon David Duke contemplating a run for U.S. Congress once he gets out of federal prison.

Please join in this page's modest efforts to welcome Mr. Douch Duke back to the outside world by e-mailing your webmaster with one or both of the following:

1) A caption for this picture;
2) A Photoshop ® or some-such software-modified version of the graphic. Only one rule: Nothing pornographic.

Your contributions will be posted here for all to see with a link back to either your e-mail or homepage.

Our Readers Contribute......

"HOLLYWOOD, CA (AP) MGM/UA studios has just announced the casting of Christopher Walken in their newest film project, "Heaven's Hate" the life story of the controversial former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke."

"Welcome to Wendys. May I take your order please?"

"BRANSON, MO (Reuters Entertainment) Management of the Tributes to the Stars Pavilion and Family Buffet in Branson, Missouri have announced the signing of a three-year contract with David Duke (pictured above during a break in rehearsals) to portray Kenny Rogers in their family-oriented multi-media show that pays tribute to the country-western legend." Anonymous

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