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The Blog of tcotrel
Saturday, November 25, 2006

The absolutely stone cold greatest video ever posted and ever to be posted on YouTube.

Posted by tcotrel at 11:02 AM PST
Thursday, November 23, 2006
Giving Thanks

Getting Fried.

I'll be thankful nobody had to call 911.

If this were done at night, they probably could've seen it in outer space.  


Posted by tcotrel at 10:08 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, November 23, 2006 10:32 PM PST
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
More 9 11 stuff

I’ll post these disparate observations:


1) Bush never said Saddam was responsible for 9 11. If the Iraqi genocidist was behind it, President Bush would have put the proof out there in a speech to Congress reminiscent of FDR’s Day of Infamy one, requesting authority for a formal declaration of war on Iraq, while all our military assets in that hemisphere were on their way to obliterate Baghdad.


Links between Bin-Boy and Saddam? If there were any, they were very informal. Saddam was a “secularist”, probably thinking he was like another Ataturk. Bin-Boy hates secularists of all stripes. Low level Al-Quadists and Baathists probably played footsie with each other on various and sundry acts of anti-social behavior against either the U.S. or Israel.


Iraq part of the war on Terror? The official reason for invasion was Saddam’s refusal to cooperate with UN orders and resolutions. NOT 9 11. BUT Saddam WAS harboring a whole bunch of terrorists and funding suicide bombings in Israel. He was slaughtering Kurds. And he also tried to kill President Bush’ dad. NOT COOL.


2) Islamo-fascism? I guess it’s as good an epithet as anything. Personally, I prefer to think of Bin Boy and his kind more like Khmer Rouge with Korans. A Pol Pot who won’t eat pork or drink alcohol. If we abandon the fight now, Iraq and the region will become another Killing Field.


3) Our enemies aren’t necessarily all cowards. Politically Incorrect had long since jumped the shark by the time Bill Maher had his post-9 11 screed with Barbara Olsen’s empty chair prominently displayed. But he had a point to make when he questioned the Al-Quadists’ purported cowardice. Terrorist f-ckholes who are willing to die for their cause are fanatics, not cowards. It is possible to be brave and be a mass-murdering piece of dogsh-t at the same time, as Adolph Hitler demonstrated.  Fighting as an Austrian corporal in WWI, Schicklegruber was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery twice. His probable successor and Holocaust architect, Reinhard Heydrich, was incredibly reckless with his own security. The Nazi horsef-cker was mortally wounded while riding in an open parade car. He also fancied himself a fighter pilot, trying to prove his manhood by flying combat missions and getting shot down. Bin-Boy a coward? While it would be nice if that evil sack of pigsh-t were to climb down from his cave and face the music for his many crimes, he did get his start fighting the Empire of Evil during the 1980’s and he is not necessarily living in the lap of luxury as this is being written.


4) I feel safer now.  I fully expected we would be plagued with false alarms and silly precautions. As a lawyer, I get to go through metal detectors going in and out of court all the time. Everyone gets the same treatment. You get used to it. If they didn’t, the bad guys would coerce a good guy to smuggle something in. That’s why profiling would not work in the long term. 

 5) We’re still the good guys. Our human rights violations, both real and otherwise, get played to the hilt in our media. Our president fights like crazy to stop these crimes while his critics constantly screech about how he gets off on it. In the mean time, we are currently up against Kim Jong-Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As well as Bin-Boy.   

6) President Bush learns from the mistakes of his predecessors. He hasn’t left the Middle East, which Reagan did after the Marine barracks bombing (one of the few mistakes the greatest president since Lincoln made). He finished off Saddam, something his dad should have done the first time around. And he hasn’t raised taxes.  

7) Path to 9 11 savaged both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats threatened to go after ABC’s FCC license first chance they got. Republicans didn’t.     

Posted by tcotrel at 9:53 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 9:58 PM PDT
Monday, September 11, 2006
Five Years Ago


I woke up relatively early and was surfing the net when Melody called to me from the bedroom saying an airplane had just crashed into the World Trade Center.  I said “Bullsh-t”.  She got indignant over that.  I came to the bedroom, shut off  the radio and turned on the TV.


It was on one of the broadcast networks which had video but not audio of the first Tower in flames with the voice-over speculating it was really bad piloting, it may or may not have been a private plane or airliner.  After a few minutes of this another plane silently entered the screen and flew into the second Tower.


I had a hard time grasping it was intentional.  At first I thought it was a really incompetent air traffic controller. But it was a coordinated attack. I could have sworn reports had it at five planes involved, two in New York, one in the Pentagon, one in Pennsylvania with another one unaccounted for. There was a rumor the Capitol if not the Supreme Court were hit. Another rumor had it that President Bush did not immediately fly back to the White House because a former Clinton staffer could betray his position to the attackers.


As it all sank in, I became angry an actual, real country governed by an actual, real government (Afghanistan did not qualify) was not behind the attack.  At least the Japanese had the courtesy to own up to Pearl Harbor instead of contracting it out to, say, the Yakuza. It would be far easier to bomb the living sh-- out of a country than to hunt down some Pol Pot wannabe in or near the Khyber Pass region of Pakistan. I then came to the realization that the only satisfactory conclusion to this event would be the live pay-per-view broadcast of the execution by torture and dismemberment of Osama Bin Laden (aka Usama Binladen, that evil motherf--er, that useless pig-uck-r, that ugly sh-tstain, etc.), preferably at the hands of  representatives, chosen by lottery,  of the NYPD, FDNY, the four branches of the Military stationed at the Pentagon, and relatives of Flight 93 victims. With what was left of his head posted on a pike in front of the United Nations Building in New York.  I have softened somewhat since then: Now I just want to see him dead.


The Onion put it best when it termed coverage of the whole event a new genre of TV programming: Surreality.  Things were happening on TV that would be too over-the-top for a Jerry Bruckheimer action movie.


We got Jack (then nine and in fourth grade) to watch it with us. We were telling him over and over again this would be a day he would always remember, just like the assassination of John Kennedy and Pearl Harbor. That afternoon I picked him up early from day care.  


Whatever effects the massacre – and that’s what it was – had on me I tried to work out through a bunch of web postings:












This was before blogging.  I figured I could help document the event online. 



Posted by tcotrel at 5:29 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 10:00 PM PDT
Thursday, July 13, 2006
I have to wonder........


Michael Jordan and Nike Founder Sued for $832 Million

By: Mark Lelinwalla
July 11, 2006

Does this man (pictured) look like Michael Jordan? Well, he tends to think so. While there are young kids and even grown men that want to be like Mike, Portland, Oregon resident Allen Heckard isn’t one of them.

Heckard is suing Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight for a combined $832 million in Oregon’s Washington County Court. Heckard is suing Jordan for defamation, which includes pain and suffering. He’s suing Knight for defamation, too, claiming that the Nike founder used him to help promote Jordan.

In an appearance on Stephen A. Smith’s sports talk show, Quite Frankly, Heckard said he believes he should be compensated for helping to pull Jordan’s wagon. Heckard also accuses Jordan and Knight of robbing him of his lifestyle

The rest of it...








Your blogger                    John Cleese

How much I can get?



Posted by tcotrel at 10:19 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, July 13, 2006 10:20 PM PDT
Sunday, June 18, 2006
Promotion Day
June 15, 2006

Mentos + Diet Coke

Produced and directed by: Thomas P Cotrel
Filmed by: Iliana Hernandez
Starring: Guillermo Hernandez, Jack Cotrel

Posted by tcotrel at 9:47 PM PDT
Sunday, June 11, 2006
The Bad and the Good
I saw Cars Friday night.

Herewith is my review:

The bad: No Chevy Biscaynes in any leading or supporting roles.

The good: Absolutely everything else. If this movie doesn't sweeep all Oscar categories (save the foreign language, documentary and short subject ones) then there is no justice.

Posted by tcotrel at 4:53 PM PDT
Thursday, June 8, 2006
Richard Pombo Beats a LaRouchie and Nazi Propagandist

CA 11: Pombo’s Numbers May Give Hope to Democrats

By Jesse Stanchak | 6:03 AM; Jun. 07, 2006 | CQPolitics.com

Republican Rep. Richard W. Pombo of California’s 11th District will stand for an eighth term in the November election, having deflected a heated primary challenge from former GOP Rep. Paul N. “Pete” McCloskey Jr.

But his 62 percent vote share Tuesday, in a district where he faced no primary opposition two years ago, was less than overwhelming — and may not have been enough to dissuade Democratic strategists, who have been trying to impugn Pombo on ethics issues, from taking a stab at ousting him this fall.

Democrats argue that Pombo will be vulnerable because of past campaign contributions he received from now-convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associates; what they deem as his failure to use his chairmanship of the House Resources Committee to investigate Abramoff’s lobbying activities related to American Indian casino gambling interests; and what they describe as a too-cozy relationship between Pombo and natural resource development interests.

The Democrats would, however, need a much stronger showing by Gerald M. “Jerry” McNerney, a wind turbine company CEO who is back for a rematch of his 2004 challenge to Pombo that he lost by 61 percent to 39 percent.

McNerney won Tuesday’s Democratic primary with 53 percent to 28 percent for Steve Filson, a pilot who had backing from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and 18 percent for electrician Steve Thomas.

There is no question that Pombo’s showing in this year’s primary was a comedown from previous years. The last time he faced intraparty opposition, he defeated businessman Thomas A. Benigno in 2002 with 87 percent. (Benigno ran again this year and took 6 percent on Tuesday.)

McCloskey, who took 33 percent of the Republican primary vote, was never regarded as a serious threat to upset Pombo. His House tenure was long ago (1967-83); he had been out of politics since losing a 1982 Republican Senate primary; and his past fame as a liberal Republican maverick was a dubious credential in a district, which stretches from East Bay exurbs near San Francisco to the rural Central Valley, where Republican voters lean to the right.

The whole article

Posted by tcotrel at 5:24 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, June 8, 2006 5:33 PM PDT
Tuesday, June 6, 2006
A beastly day.
Approximate number of the Beast

Roman numeral of the Beast

Number of the High Precision Beast

Number of the Millibeast

Number of the Nanobeast

/ 666
Beast Common Denominator

(-666) ^ (1/2)
Imaginary number of the Beast

6.66 e3
Floating point Beast

Binary of the Beast

6, uh... what was that number again?
Number of the Blonde Beast

Area code of the Beast

Zip code of the Beast

The speed limit of the Beast

Retail price of the Beast

Price of the Beast plus 5% state sales tax

Price of the Beast with all accessories and replacement soul

Walmart price of the Beast

Next week's Walmart price of the Beast

Phillips 666
Gasoline of the Beast

Route 666
Way of the Beast

666 F
Oven temperature for roast Beast

Retirement plan of the Beast

666 mg
Recommended Minimum Daily Requirement of Beast

6.66 %
5 year CD interest rate at First Beast of Hell National Bank, $666 minimum deposit.

Beast's lawyer's billing rate

Lotus 6-6-6
Spreadsheet of the Beast

Word 6.66
Word Processor of the Beast

CPU of the Beast

The Number of the Beast on a Pentium

BMW of the Beast

DSM-666 (revised)
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Beast

1232 Octal, Apt. 29A
Beast's hexed address

Next-door neighbor of the Beast

The semi-Christ

I wish I could say I made this up.

Posted by tcotrel at 11:06 PM PDT
Monday, May 8, 2006
I Am An American
Check it out here.

It's even put up by a Republican.

Posted by tcotrel at 10:09 AM PDT

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